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In the temperature-extreme Coachella Valley, savvy homeowners know that HTL Mechanical, Inc. has been the premier provider of Residential Air Conditioning and Heating services for over 30 years. And …we specialize in both Central and Ductless Air Conditioning systems to cool and heat your home.

Central A/C or Ductless System?

Since you are probably familiar with Central AC Systems, here is some information to decide if a Ductless System might also be right for you:

● First, Ductless systems integrate heating and cooling into one device that is mounted up on a wall, instead of having separate AC and furnace units like a Central system.
● Second, Ductless systems have no need for ductwork since they are designed with a built-in fan.
● Like Central systems, Ductless systems also have refrigerant lines connected to an outside unit. Depending on the manufacturer, up to eight indoor Ductless devices can be connected to one outside unit.

Is A Ductless System Right for You?

It could be a good option, even if you have a central A/C system. Here are some reasons why:

● It can be used in areas or buildings with no ductwork
● Ductless may cost less in places with high fuel costs or in houses with inefficient central A/C systems
● In homes that cost a lot to heat or cool, you can use ductless in selected rooms that don’t require regular heating or cooling

Some Benefits of Ductless Systems:

● Utility savings of up to 30% for cooling and up to 50% for heating
● Energy efficiency from cooling or heating individual rooms vs. the entire house
● Improved air quality from extensive filtration
● Installation is relatively simple & quick, requiring few home modifications
● Little or no maintenance
● Quiet operation since most noise-making components are outside

HTL Benefits

● The diagnosis and resolution of every Air Conditioning issue that comes our way, regardless of complexity.

● Highly-skilled technicians who tackle every job with superior expertise, speedy service and courtesy.
All of them are certified and licensed.

● We fix problems quickly and efficiently.

● We guarantee your satisfaction whether the job is small or large.

● If you buy new equipment from us, we carry the most dependable brands and will work to keep the
price within your budget.

● We provide energy-efficient/green technology A/C solutions that will save you hundreds of dollars in
annual utility costs.

Maintenance – Repair – Replacement Services Offered by HTL

Regular maintenance is the key to lowering your utility costs while maintaining the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your equipment. Here’s what we provide:

● A multi-point inspection of all electrical, mechanical, refrigeration and heating components.

● Diagnostics, including air flow testing, to identify current and potential issues. We will never suggest
a service that you don’t need.

● Fast repairs to existing problems.

● Expert advice on how to keep your Air Conditioning system in top working order.

Calling HTL is a great first step toward achieving a more comfortable and healthy living space.

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