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Chillers & Water Source Heat Pumps

When you are in need of Chillers or Water Source Heat Pump equipment or services, we provide quick, reliable and cost-efficient solutions. Count on our friendly, certified and professional team to give you the refrigeration you need.
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Images of an industrial chiller
Images of an industrial water source heat pump.

Industrial Chillers are a specialty of ours at HTL Mechanical, Inc. We specialize in the following types:

Air-Cooled Chillers
Water-Cooled Chillers
Compressor Chillers
Ancillary Chiller Water Plant Equipment

Maintenance of Industrial Chillers

Industrial chillers should always operate at their peak efficiency. Maintenance steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your chiller will perform at an optimized level.

Accordingly, we recommend comprehensive quarterly inspections to check and fix outstanding issues related to:

  • Air and water flows, Liquid injection functions, Refrigerant Leaks
  • Chiller usage and sequencing
  • Compressor motor temperature, operating pressures, and relief valve functions
  • Discharge line data, setpoint settings, and functions
  • Electrical component operating specs and functions
  • Evaporator and condenser coil fouling, insulation condition, oil pumps, and seals
  • Superheat and subcooling temperatures, hot gas bypass operation

Water Source Heat Pumps

We are highly qualified to evaluate and service your WSHP equipment to ensure it provides reliable and energy-efficient performance – all at the lowest cost. We specialize in the following types:

Variable Speed
Vertical Stack

Maintenance of Water Source Heat Pumps

WSHP should always operate at their peak efficiency. Maintenance steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your WSHP will perform at an optimized level.

Accordingly, we recommend comprehensive, periodic inspections to check and fix any issues related to:

  • Air filters, coil cleaning, return air smoke detector
  • Compressor suction and discharge pressures, operating temperatures
  • Condensate overflow switch
  • Drain pans, condensate piping, corrosion, water carryover
  • Evaporator and fins, coil and blades, air filters; F/A-R/A damper hinges, pins, and linkages
  • Supply fan motor, fan belt, shaft, and motor bearings, fan brake horsepower, oil levels
  • Wire terminal connections, compressor head pressure, and amperage draw 

Whether you need new WSHP equipment, repairs or preventive maintenance - you can count on our professional team for top-notch support.
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Maintenance – Repair – Replacement Services Offered by HTL Mechanical, Inc.

Regular maintenance is the key to lowering your utility costs while maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your equipment.

Here’s what we provide:

  • A multi-point inspection of all electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, and heating components.
  • Diagnostics to identify current and potential issues. We will never suggest a service that you don’t need.
  • Fast repairs to existing problems.
  • Expert advice on how to keep your Air Conditioning system in top working order.
  • Long-term maintenance to avoid costly repairs, prolong the life of your equipment and ensure your comfort.
  • Replacement Equipment when needed.
  • For Emergencies, we provide rapid responses 24/7/365

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