Cooling Towers

Installing and servicing Galvanized Cooling Towers are specialties of ours.
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In the temperature-extreme Coachella Valley, savvy business owners know that HTL Mechanical, Inc. has been the premier provider of Commercial HVAC services for over 30 years.

The constant exposure of Cooling Towers to the elements demands continuous maintenance to:

● Extend component service life
● Minimize the amount of chemicals used and maintain correct chemistry
● Reduce overall operating costs, including processes like blowdown
● Reduce water consumption
● Save energy

When we inspect Cooling Towers and find problem areas, we take corrective actions that reduce the frequency and severity of damaging conditions including:

● Biological Contamination
● Chemical Attack
● Corrosion
● Erosion
● Fouling
● Leaks
● Mechanical Damage
● Scaling

Maintenance – Repair – Replacement Services Offered by HTL Mechanical, Inc.

Regular maintenance is the key to lowering your utility costs while maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your equipment.

Here’s what we provide:

  • A multi-point inspection of all electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, and heating components.
  • Diagnostics to identify current and potential issues. We will never suggest a service that you don’t need.
  • Fast repairs to existing problems.
  • Expert advice on how to keep your Air Conditioning system in top working order.
  • Long-term maintenance to avoid costly repairs, prolong the life of your equipment and ensure your comfort.
  • Replacement Equipment when needed.
  • For Emergencies, we provide rapid responses 24/7/365

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Calling HTL is a great first step toward achieving more comfortable and healthy indoor spaces.

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