Ice Machines & Low Temp Refrigeration

Ice Machines & Low Temp Refrigeration

When you are in need of Ice Machine or Low Temp Refrigeration equipment or services, we provide quick, reliable and cost-efficient solutions. Count on our friendly, certified and professional team to give you the refrigeration you need.
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Ice Machines

There are several problems that can prevent having a reliable ice supply. How many are you experiencing?

● Cubes that are watery, cloudy or have air bubbles
● Improperly sized or malformed cubes
● Low water flow
● Low, slow or no ice production
● Machine freeze-ups
● Unexpected shutdowns
● Water leaks inside or outside the machine

Diagnosing and fixing those kinds of problems are routine for us. Regardless of the issues, we guarantee a plentiful and reliable ice supply. Contact Us Today: 760-449-4712

Low Temp Refrigeration

Since there are strict environmental regulations for food storage in the Coachella Valley, working with us will ensure that your cold storage areas are in compliance with all the codes. We will let you know if yours are in compliance. If not, we will be happy to help you.

In addition, let us work with you to prevent the tremendous costs and inconvenience associated with spoilage. We are highly-qualified to evaluate and service any type of Low Temp Refrigeration system to ensure it provides reliable and energy-efficient performance for your beverages and perishable goods – all at the lowest cost.

Whether you need new equipment, repairs or preventive maintenance - you can count on our professional team for top-notch support. Make HTL Mechanical, Inc. the company you choose for any of the following:

● Do you need a walk-in freezer for your new restaurant?
● Is your current freezer not working properly?
● Would you like to have a new food display cabinet?

The kinds of equipment we install and maintain include:

● Cold rooms
● Deli refrigeration
● Food chillers
● Frozen food cabinets
● Meat display cases
● Produce refrigeration
● Walk-in freezers

Our extensive experience includes working with:

● Convenience Stores
● Food Processors
● Restaurants
● Supermarkets

HTL Mechanical,Inc. Benefits

● The diagnosis and resolution of every HVAC issue that comes our way, regardless of complexity.

● Highly-skilled technicians who tackle every job with superior expertise, speedy service and
courtesy. All of them are certified and licensed.

● We fix problems quickly and efficiently.

● We guarantee your satisfaction whether the job is small or large.

● If you buy new equipment from us, we carry the most dependable brands and will
work to keep the price within your budget.

● We provide energy-efficient/green technology HVAC solutions that will save you
hundreds of dollars in annual utility costs.

Maintenance – Repair – Replacement Services Offered by HTL Mechanical, Inc.

Regular maintenance is the key to lowering your operating costs while maintaining
the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your equipment.

Here’s what we provide:

• A multi-point inspection of all electrical, mechanical, refrigeration and heating components.

● Diagnostics, including air flow testing, to Identify current and potential issues. We will never suggest
a service that you don’t need.

● Fast repairs to existing problems.

● Expert advice on how to keep your HVAC system in top working order.

● Long-term maintenance to avoid costly repairs, prolong the life of your equipment
and ensure your comfort.

● Replacement Equipment for all your HVAC needs.

● For Emergencies, we provide rapid responses
24 / 7 / 365.

Calling HTL is a great first step toward achieving a more comfortable and healthy living space.

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